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Marble Mosque


STAGE 1 | Concept Design Sketches & Options Appraisal 

Timescale: usually 4-8 weeks

  • Review of site & planning constraints for consideration.

  • Loose hand sketch options for discussion.

  • Outline client requirements and project brief.

  • Deliverables: zoning and constraints diagram, preliminary site plan and floor plans, preliminary exterior concept (if applicable).

STAGE 2 | Detailed Design Development

Timescale: usually 8-12 weeks

  • Refinement of  design scheme to confirm full scope for planning submission and/or RIBA Stages 4-7. 

  • Review and development of floor plans taking into account things like ease of circulation, storage space, use and adaptability of principle rooms, to accommodate client requirements or aspirations. 

  • Review of design options in conjunction with regards to constructability and likely impact on cost and time. 

  • Deliverables: Drawing set and outline specification document.

STAGE 3 | Planning Application Submission or Building Permitting

Timescale: usually 8-24 weeks (varies widely)

  • Design & Access Statements.

  • Heritage Statement (site dependent - may require specialist).

  • Assembly of consultant fee quotes & required planning reports where required.

  • Completion of Planning Application Drawings which typically includes existing and proposed Site Plans, floor plans, elevations, and sections, as well as a Location Plan (OS Map).

  • Completion of Application Form.

  • Covering Letter for Submission.

  • Monitoring of application status and liaison with case officer to address queries and requests for further information.


STAGE 4 | Construction Documents Package 

Timescale: usually 8 - 12 weeks

  • Completion of required technical details and documents required for construction and building regulation approval. 

  • Coordination with key consultants to ensure structural, mechanical, electrical, lighting and drainage details are fully considered within details.

  • Drawings can include, but not limited to: Demolition plans, general arrangement floor plans, door/window details, chimney details, floor and wall build-ups, foundation/floor junction details, roof eaves and ridge details, design intent joinery details, and coordinated interior elevations, plans, and reflected ceiling plans.

  • Schedules can include, but not limited to: cornice, skirting, and architrave schedule, sanitary ware schedule, appliances schedule, finishes schedule, schedule of works & room data sheets.

  • Outline, Performance, or full NBS Specifications.

STAGE 5 | Bidding & Negotiation

Timescale: usually 3-6 weeks 

  • Issue construction drawings and specs to bidding contractors. 

  • Organise contractor interviews if necessary.

  • Answer queries from bidders & issue formal clarifications if needed. 

  • Review and compare tenders and advise owner.

STAGE 6 | On-site Construction Oversight/Handover 

Timescale: concurrent with construction timeframe

  • Also known as Contract or Construction Administration.

  • Sign-off on workshop drawings from subcontractors.

  • Ongoing oversight of site works to address queries and issues which arise in a timely manner.

  • Liaison with contractor to confirm expectations for quality and assist with mitigating risk in programme delays or likely issues with supply/installation of various items.

  • Deliverables: Field observation reports, Punch/snag lists, confirmation of monthly payments to contractor.

ADDITIONAL SERVICE | Architectural External and Internal Design Renderings 

  • Renderings for concept or design development stages to fully illustrate design ideas in perspective, elevation or section. Mediums will either be in watercolour, pencil, or ink. 

  • Perspective renderings will require modelling of the space or building using computer aided software. 

ADDITIONAL SERVICE | House Designer PHPP Modelling 

  • Stress testing design options in PHPP Model.

  • Design advice on requirements or optimal design changes for Passive House or EnerPHit compliance.

  • Liaison and Review of Information with Passive House Certifier.

If you are interested in any of the services listed above, please send all enquiries to

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